Willy Beats launches new “unemployed” merchandise. - July 6, 2020

“After I graduated from Texas State University in December of 2019, I moved back home to work on my music full time. As time progressed, my parents increased pressure on me to 'get a real job.' Currently I don’t work anywhere, I’ve been hustlin’ my personal belongings (clothes, shoes, etc.) and working for my best friends dad (when needed). Contrary to what most believe, I’m not living the high life, I’m scraping by saving every dollar I can to get by each month, but I’m doing what I love and because of that I know that the money will come. You have to see the big vision through even when nobody else will. Foresight is key! That is the inspiration behind this new merchandise line. Since everyone thinks me doing music ain’t shit, I’m going to rep what they continue to say. Fuck it, guess I’m unemployed!”   


The new line includes a short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, and a face mask. The line features 4 color ways.

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